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transcosmos develops a tool for hiring multilingual talents in the Philippines using ChatGPT’s language translation feature

Enhancing efforts to evaluate and recruit Chinese-speaking talents to satisfy the needs for multilingual services

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company will beef up its effort to hire multilingual talents to meet the rising needs for multilingual services. The company will use its proprietary developed tool that integrates ChatGPT’s high-quality language translation feature and a Text to Speech tool for job interviews. With the aim of hiring Chinese-speaking talents – the most wanted talents – as a first step, transcosmos developed a tool that can handle translation between Chinese, English and Japanese languages. The company plans to expand the scope of languages in order to utilize the tool on a global scale.

transcosmos offers a diverse range of services including contact centers, digital marketing and e-commerce one-stop with 100 sites across 27 countries and regions overseas. In December 2013, transcosmos established transcosmos Asia Philippines, Inc. (Headquarters: Metropolitan Manila; President: Hideki Yamashita; transcosmos Philippines) in the Philippines. Since then, transcosmos Philippines has been offering contact center and back-office operations services as well as website and e-commerce site development and operations services, primarily in the English language for the global and the Philippines local markets.

Given the rising needs for Chinese language services in the Philippines for the Singapore and the U.S. markets in recent years, transcosmos Philippines has been hiring Chinese-speaking talents in the country. However, in reality, the services were only offered by members who can manage the Chinese language. Now, to increase the hiring of Chinese-speaking talents, transcosmos Philippines has developed a language translation tool. As a start, the company will use Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese translation features for job interviews to hire Chinese-speaking talents.

In the future, transcosmos will extend the range of languages and use the translation tool for online interviews to conduct job interviews and recruit talents not only in the entire Philippines but also in the markets beyond the border. transcosmos will continue to provide a wide range of services on a global scale to help clients expand sales and optimize costs.

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