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UKG Debuts Groundbreaking Multi-country Payroll Experience at the HR Technology Conference

UKG One View delivers global visibility regardless of in-country payroll provider in as little as five weeks

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced the public debut of UKG One View during the HR Technology Conference and Expo, where event attendees can experience the multi-country payroll solution designed to fundamentally reshape how multinational organizations fairly, accurately, and efficiently pay employees around the world.

“One View is highly extensible, agile, and rapidly deployable vs. traditional ‘rip-and-replace solutions,’” said Pete A. Tiliakos, principal analyst and partner at 3Sixty Insights. “It offers adopters a fully integrated and consolidated view of global payroll within weeks rather than months, which provides rapid ROI by transforming global payroll operations while enhancing existing investments and resources.”

With its industry-first approach, One View delivers multinational businesses a:

  • Single, AI-powered experience that starts with scheduling and ends with payroll funding;
  • Perpetual validation supporting accuracy and payroll compliance, no matter where in the world an employee works;
  • Hybrid solution deployment, allowing organizations to retain their preferred in-country payroll providers and be live globally in as little as five weeks; and
  • Uniform workflow control in a “single-pane view” that creates one operational standard across the globe, simplifies benchmarks, and enforces in-country provider accountability.

“We are giving UKG customers the power to design a multi-country payroll model without having to compromise on the data, visibility, and efficiency that running a business in 2024 and beyond demands,” said Richard Limpkin, vice president of multi-country payroll solutions at UKG. “One View is purpose-built to sit on top of any payroll and any funding method while providing a crystal-clear view across payroll globally.”

An intuitive One View application supports more than 160 countries, providing all employees regardless of which country they work in — with the same consistent, people-centric experience.

“Being a great workplace goes well beyond simply getting payroll right. It means providing all people with the same exceptional experience, no matter where they live or what they do,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG. “One View, like all UKG solutions, supports both people and businesses in order to help everyone be more successful together.”