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Veriforce Transforms Its Global Workforce Management Capabilities with the Acquisition of Global Worker Pass

Veriforce, the industry’s fastest-growing provider of supply chain risk and compliance management solutions, has announced the acquisition of Global Worker Pass, an innovative software solution designed to streamline the process of verifying workers’ qualifications and certifications in real-time. The acquisition will strengthen Veriforce’s suite of products and provide companies with a comprehensive solution for managing their global workforce.

The Global Worker Pass provides Veriforce’s customers with a centralized system for managing worker data, including tracking competencies, certifications, training records, and other important information. The platform offers real-time alerts when certifications are about to expire, helping companies ensure their workers are always up-to-date on their training and qualifications, which is crucial for maintaining a safe and productive work environment.

“We are excited to integrate Global Worker Pass into our contractor management solution,” said Colby Lane, CEO of Veriforce. “This acquisition reinforces our commitment to providing companies with the tools they need to manage their global workforce efficiently and effectively while improving performance and ensuring compliance with regulations and standards. By utilizing Global Worker Pass, we are able to provide our customers with a game-changing platform for tracking worker competencies, qualifications and certifications, leading to a safer workforce and ultimately, a safer job site.”

One of the primary benefits of the Global Worker Pass is its ability to allow workers to take their qualifications with them wherever they work, while providing hiring companies even greater worker-level insights as part of their daily operations. It’s a single source of truth for important worker-level information, which may include safety training, drug testing, competency testing, and fatigue management solutions. The result is a more productive workforce.

“Global Worker Pass provides employers and facility owners in multiple industries with real-time access to important workforce health and safety risk information, so that they can operate their businesses more safely and efficiently,” said Craig Scott, CEO of Global Worker Pass. Craig will be joining Veriforce to lead its worker-focused product suite.

Veriforce’s acquisition of Global Worker Pass is a valuable addition to Veriforce’s contractor management solution, and the acquisition will help Veriforce’s customers stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly globalized business environment.