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Visier Makes Big Moves at HR Tech, as Systemic HR Takes Center Stage and People Analytics Emerges as Core Intelligence for Modern Business

Visier’s Generative AI Solution ‘Vee’ Goes Live; ‘Alpine by Visier’ Takes on People Analytics Builders; Smart Compensation Marks Official Entry into Total Rewards Category; People Analytics Shifts From a Niche “HR Thing” to Core Intelligence for Running a Business

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today made several important announcements which together signal a shift from people analytics as a specialized reporting and analysis discipline within HR departments to people analytics as a pervasive data strategy where trusted and secure workforce insights inform virtually every people-related decision and workflow.

This announcement was made in Las Vegas at the annual HR Technology Conference, where Visier is exhibiting as a Diamond Sponsor, and where the company took top honors for its Workplace Dynamics collaboration analytics product in this year’s HR Executive Top HR Products awards.

Today’s announcement includes:

  • Visier’s vision for Systemic HR, a major shift highlighted in the opening HR Tech keynote, which speaks to a new unified HR operating model powered by connected data;
  • Public preview of Vee, Visier’s Generative AI digital assistant, which democratizes access to workforce insights for managers and non-analysts;
  • New Alpine by Visier PaaS capabilities, which is dramatically accelerating Visier’s Embedded business, and unlocking innovations from enterprise customers preferring to build people analytics workflows and solutions;
  • Visier’s official entry into the Total Rewards category with Smart Compensation solution, new Compensation Benchmarks, and a new executive appointment.

Systemic HR Takes Center Stage – Unifying HR and Business Data 

In his opening HR Tech keynote this week, globally recognized industry analyst, Josh Bersin, discussed “Systemic HR,” citing Visier as “one of the most spectacular examples of generative AI in HR today.” Bersin describes Systemic HR as the bridging of disconnected silos across the specialized functions within HR, and also the silos separating HR from the business itself. In connecting and unifying the data within these various systems, HR and people leaders can understand the impact of people on business, and the impact of business on people–which is the foundation of any workforce strategy.

“Every problem we need to solve in HR is interconnected,” said Bersin. “Suppose a sales organization is underperforming. Is this a problem of leadership? Management? Hiring the wrong people? Sales training? Or maybe are they organized incorrectly and they need new territories or accounts? Or could they be underpaid or overpaid? Or could they feel disconnected from the company strategy? Or maybe the reward system has created a lack of teamwork? HR professionals need to connect this data together to diagnose the problem, and tools like Vee make this amazingly easy.”

Visier’s Vee – Democratizing Access to Workforce Insights with Generative AI

Until now, adoption and use of people analytics has been limited to those who are most comfortable with data and analytics. But the reality is, workforce insights are required by everyone who manages people and leads teams, irrespective of their familiarity with analytics and reporting tools.

Visier today announced public preview of ‘Vee,’ its Generative AI-based digital assistant, which was first announced in limited beta release in June. Vee, which is available optionally with every Visier People® product, makes trusted and secure people insights as simple as asking a natural language question. With Vee as their personal digital assistant, managers and HR leaders can ask and answer questions about their workforce within Visier People® or via available Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations.

Vee, which will be showcased for HR Tech attendees this week in the Visier booth, is in active use by nearly 100 Visier customers today. Many of these companies intend to roll out Vee in production when it reaches general availability status in Q4 of this year.

Vee, which is available as part of the Visier People® family of products, is also a programmatic developer service within Alpine, Visier’s platform as a service (PaaS). Using this service, Visier partners can embed these Generative AI capabilities into their own products, delivering their own private labeled digital assistant to their customers. Paycor is the first Visier Embedded partner to bring this to life with their digital assistant “Cora.”

“We are excited about how a Visier-powered generative AI solution will deliver a transformative experience for our customers,” said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer of Paycor. “By offering an AI digital assistant within our people analytics solution, Paycor will provide a conversational UI that allows our customers to ask questions naturally and deliver instant analytical insights around their workforce in plain language.”

Alpine by Visier – Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Builders

As people analytics matures from a narrow and specialized HR discipline to one that is foundational for running an efficient and effective business, many organizations desire to design and build their own solutions. Whether they choose to build their own solution, buy off the shelf capabilities, or blend a combination of both, Visier has the right people analytics solution for every organization.

Alpine by Visier, which was publicly launched late last year, is a platform as a service (PaaS) that makes Visier benchmark data and much of its underlying tooling available as APIs and other modular platform services. Today, Alpine services power all of Visier’s applications, as well as the analytics capabilities of some of the world’s most notable HR tech SaaS products, including Paycor, Insperity, Betterworks, and others through Visier’s Embedded business. It’s also becoming the go-to solution for enterprise data science and engineering teams who want tools to accelerate and enrich their custom people analytics solutions.

This week at HR Tech, Visier will showcase multiple new Alpine capabilities, including:

  • A new hub for developers, including public technical documentation;
  • A complete catalog of pre-built connectors for source systems and BI tools;
  • A library of code samples to accompany APIs for data intake and export, including for Python and SQL-like shell scripts;
  • Pre-built people data models, metrics and analyses through Visier’s developer suite. Direct access to the Alpine Developer Platform allows partners to build and deliver analytic features and applications faster.

Embedded partners can pick and choose from a broad portfolio of Alpine data enrichment, analytics, AI, and reporting modules, to craft differentiated commercial offerings for customers, dramatically reducing time to market and speed to revenue. This flexibility and choice through Alpine is paying substantial dividends for Visier’s accelerating Embedded business, which has more than doubled in revenue and partner count year over year. Growth in Visier’s Embedded business has also dramatically accelerated the number of companies that rely on Visier for people insights to over 42,000 organizations worldwide, representing more than 20 million employee records under management.

Visier Expands Beyond People Analytics, Enters the Total Rewards Category

With more than 42,000 customers worldwide, Visier is best known as the pioneer and market share leader in the people analytics category. The company has quietly expanded beyond its flagship category with complementary offerings like Workforce Planning and, more recently, Smart Compensation, a new Visier solution designed to simplify and improve compensation planning.

Today, Visier is announcing its official entry into the Total Rewards category with a new Compensation Benchmark data offering, and the appointment of industry veteran Sean Luitjens as GM of Visier’s Total Rewards business. Sean joins Visier following decades of executive and leadership roles with well known companies like Korn Ferry,, Mercer, and Monster.

First introduced in June of this year, Smart Compensation streamlines and optimizes compensation planning and execution with a unique data-driven approach that ensures consistency, fairness, equity and maximum business impact in compensation allocation during merit cycles. Today, Visier also announced a new Compensation Benchmark data, which is available standalone, and as part of the Smart Compensation solution, giving organizations the most accurate and current compensation data available–sourced, not from stale survey data, but from millions of live data points. 

“The HR Technology Conference is always one of my favorite weeks of the year, but this year is particularly special,” said Ryan Wong, co-founder and CEO of Visier. “After 13 years building the people analytics category, we’re seeing major inflection points driving substantial growth in demand on multiple fronts. We’re also seeing the people analytics category shift from a fairly narrow and specialized HR concern, to what can only be described as core intelligence for the business writ large. After all, people are the largest single financial investment most companies will ever make, and the most important resource for driving business impact at scale. And we all know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.”