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VizyPay Wins Bronze for Human Resources Department of the Year in the 2023 Annual Stevie Awards

The Iowa-based fintech is recognized for its diversity and authenticity in its hiring and onboarding practices

Industry disrupting payments processing fintech, VizyPay, proudly announces its Bronze Stevie® Award win for Human Resources Department of the Year. The Stevie Awards have recognized VizyPay eight times in the last three years for excellence in customer serviceinnovative technology, for being one of the fastest-growing tech companies of the year, and now for its out-of-the-box hiring and company culture efforts.

VizyPay is a champion for workplace diversity with a team of over 60% diverse minorities – an impressive statistic for any PayTech company, much less one based in Waukee, Iowa. To foster this people-centered culture, VizyPay prioritizes hiring based on a candidate’s attitude and ethic, rather than how well they fit the bullet points on a job description. This hiring practice allows VizyPay to welcome diversity and authenticity within their culture, while creating a space where employees feel that their strengths are seen and valued. In turn, this encourages employees to continue going above and beyond to demonstrate their strong work ethic.

Once hired, all new employees go through an onboarding process that introduces them to the payments industry and VizyPay called Vizonian University. The People Strategy Department overseeing the “university” ensures new hires are comfortable with the basics of the industry and VizyPay’s products before moving on to specific department training. VizyPay uses this time to find people’s strengths and works with them to grow their professional development and promote them to roles that will support those strengths. This practice enables tremendous growth opportunities for employees of all cultural and professional backgrounds. VizyPay employees are able to excel quickly within the company while simultaneously building their personal brands.

“I’ve always wanted to create a company that eliminates the barriers of resumes, higher education, or past experience,” said CEO and Founder Austin Mac Nab. “At VizyPay, we perpetuate our positive culture. Our recruiting team does not discriminate against background or previous experience, or lack thereof, and instead selects people based on drive and culture-fit – bringing in diverse thoughts into the payments space.”