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Westerwood Global to Rebrand as WGNSTAR Following Acquisition of NSTAR

Unveiling New Solutions for Advanced Workforce and Asset Lifecycle Management

Westerwood Global, a leading provider of managed service solutions, today announced its transformation and rebranding as WGNSTAR, following the acquisition of NSTAR® Global Services (NSTAR), a renowned leader in facility and equipment services and workforce management. This strategic move will leverage the powerful synergies between the two organizations and provide a more unified global infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to announce the coming together of Westerwood Global and NSTAR under the singular WGNSTAR brand. This strategic move marks a significant milestone for our company, solidifying our commitment to our combined teams as well as to future growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to our customers,” said Nigel Wenden, CEO of WGNSTAR. “With our new brand identity and unified global infrastructure, we are poised to redefine our industry and strengthen our position as a leader in the semiconductor market.”

WGNSTAR will leverage its combined capabilities to offer clients a broader range of exceptional services, including the following service offerings:

  • NVOLVESM Managed Workforce Services: Fully managed teams of specialists that deliver complete solutions to existing functional scopes within your operation.
  • NSURESM Equipment Relocation & Asset Management Services: A comprehensive set of installation and relocation services, from single tool transfers to full-fab deinstallations.
  • NSOURCESM Flexible Staffing & Direct Hire Services: A prequalified network of skilled technical workers and engineers who are readily available to assist with your internal hiring needs.
  • NFABSM Equipment Support Services: Equipment support services including routine preventative maintenance, parts cleaning and kitting, electrical testing and calibration, and OEM partnering.
  • NFORMSM Training & Fabrication Services: A hands-on training center and maintenance shop that equips your workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in our ever-evolving industry.
  • NSITESM SubFab & Facilities Services: Skilled resources to keep your SubFab and facilities safely operating and maintained.

“The inception of WGNSTAR successfully completes the unification of our two remarkable companies,” commented Darrell McDaniel, SVP North American Business Development for WGNSTAR. “We are committed to maintaining our operational excellence and are confident that this transformation will pave the way for even greater success and value to our partners.”

With its new identity, WGNSTAR is committed to providing leading workforce management and asset lifecycle management solutions that meet customers’ changing needs in today’s high-tech and semiconductor environments.