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WorkRamp Expands Learning Cloud to Help Employees Drive Their Own Learning and Development and to Support Businesses with Compliance Training

WorkRamp Content gives customers access to thousands of off-the-shelf content resources in compliance and development, natively within the WorkRamp Employee LMS

WorkRamp announced its increased investment in the Learning Cloud by introducing the ability for employee learners to accelerate their own professional development as well as a new compliance-only content offering. WorkRamp Content is one of the most comprehensive content solutions for organizations that are invested in developing their people to unlock exponential growth. Now it can further help organizations by putting learners in the driver’s seat to learn new skills, and supporting corporate risk mitigation.

As part of the WorkRamp Employee Learning Cloud, WorkRamp Content allows organizations to search relevant industry- and role-based content and curate prebuilt training resources to complement their learning strategy; additionally, learners can browse the immense catalog powered by Go1 to select and self-assign courses that align with their development goals and keep them engaged in further learning. Businesses can leverage the power of prebuilt, proven content to build impactful programs that attract, develop, and retain talent, and employees can manage their growth and access upskilling opportunities in addition to completing standardized organization-driven programs.

With thousands of course resources from hundreds of expert providers in one learning center of excellence, WorkRamp Content provides exactly what employees want, in whichever format, length, and style are effective for them and puts the power in their hands with self-assignment freedom. LMS administrators and team managers can see which topics and courses are being completed and which employees are proactively engaging with additional learning. Employees can benefit from a cohesive experience where all assignments are located intuitively in a central learner dashboard.

“Employees want to keep growing in their careers and strengthening their skills. While organizations can push standardized training, motivation and engagement are stronger when you equip the learn-it-alls with what they need to achieve their development goals. A highly skilled, highly driven workforce allows businesses to stay competitive in today’s market,” said Ted Blosser, CEO & Co-Founder of WorkRamp. “Those that really believe, like us, that learning is an efficient growth engine will find power in WorkRamp Content and overall, the Learning Cloud.”

In addition to taking learning and development up a level by providing employees with discoverable upskilling and growth opportunities, WorkRamp Content’s compliance-only content package powered by EasyLlama allows organizations to mitigate corporate risk and create and maintain safe, inclusive workplaces across industries and locations. The Hollywood-produced training courses engage employees with thought-provoking scenarios, real-world topics, and action-oriented applications. Organizations benefit not only from the consolidation of the WorkRamp Employee LMS and compliance content in a single platform but also from the automation, reporting, and team management that the Learning Cloud provides.

With WorkRamp Content, customers can draw on all levels of instructional design capability and better align their learning content strategy with an overall learning strategy. The Learning Cloud platform provides native course authoring tools for building engaging learning content from scratch, importable and customizable templates, and prebuilt development and compliance content that can be quickly and simply deployed for immediate business impact.