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Xembly Launches New Calendar AI, the Future of Workplace Time Management

Xembly’s AI-powered assistant now analyzes meetings, understands employee priorities and can manages time automatically

Xemblythe first AI-powered assistant for work, launched Calendar AI, a breakthrough in meeting scheduling and management. Xembly goes far beyond traditional meeting scheduling software as it attends and understands the content of meetings to gather insights and make recommendations on time usage and meeting effectiveness.

In a survey of 100 US full-time office workers, conducted by Xembly in June 2023, respondents said that only 62% of meetings they attended were a good use of their time. Furthermore, respondents said they would skip 49% of their meetings if they knew they would receive clear meeting notes and action items afterwards.

Calendar AI introduces several major advances to help users more effectively use their time:

  • Conversational interface: Team members can talk to Xembly in email or Slack or in the browser just the way they would with another person. For instance, they can simply message Xembly, saying, “Find an hour with Jason and Carrie this afternoon to discuss Project AI,” and Xembly will get it scheduled.
  • Intelligent conflict resolution: Xembly’s Calendar AI intelligently handles and resolves scheduling conflicts. It surfaces the best options directly to groups and people can weigh in to make fast decisions and schedule.
  • Understanding what happens during meetings: Xembly can join meetings and, by understanding what happens in the meeting, identify instances where meetings are either non-essential for someone to attend and are better consumed in summarized form.
  • Send Xembly to attend the meeting on your behalf: Workers can delegate Xembly to attend a meeting on their behalf, diligently taking notes, capturing action items, and providing an accurate meeting summary. This helps you save time or ensures you don’t miss anything when you are double booked.

“The first generation of software calendaring and time optimization tools focused on scheduling links and event shuffling – they didn’t consider employees priorities, behaviors, or understand what happened in the meetings,” said Pete Christothoulou, CEO of Xembly. “We know their priorities, we have a contextual understanding of their work, and we support them in ways that haven’t yet been possible to truly free them to focus on more meaningful work.”