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Xoxoday Empuls and resal forge a strategic partnership to elevate the employee experience and expand market presence in Saudi Arabia

Xoxoday, a renowned rewards, recognition, and loyalty solutions provider, and Resal, a prominent player in the pre-paid digital rewards and loyalty market in Saudi Arabia, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the employee experience and drive market growth through Xoxoday’s Empuls platform. It combines resal’s deep knowledge of digital rewards in Saudi Arabia with Xoxoday’s innovative employee engagement and recognition solutions, creating a powerful synergy that promises mutual benefits for both companies and their valued customers.

The affiliation between resal and Xoxoday will focus on several key objectives:

1. Enhanced Employee Engagement:

By leveraging resal’s deep understanding and network of corporate rewards in Saudi Arabia and Xoxoday Empuls’ cutting-edge employee engagement solution, the partnership aims to deliver unparalleled employee engagement strategies. This collaboration will empower businesses to connect with their employees meaningfully, driving loyalty and repeat business.

2. Comprehensive Solution Suite:

Xoxoday Empuls and resal will work together to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions that cater to diverse customer needs. This will include co-selling initiatives and joint marketing efforts designed to streamline employee engagement, employee rewards & recognition, and enable businesses of all sizes to amplify the employee experience.

3. Market Expansion:

The combined strengths of Xoxoday Empuls and resal will enable both companies to explore new markets and expand their global footprint. By tapping into each other’s networks and resources, the partnership aims to reach a broader audience and provide invaluable solutions across a wide spectrum of industries.

4. Innovation and Expertise Sharing:

Xoxoday and resal are committed to nurturing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Through collaborative knowledge-sharing and idea exchange, both companies anticipate driving the development of groundbreaking solutions that address evolving market trends and challenges.

Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Xoxoday, commented on this collaboration, “Empowering businesses to create a happier and more engaged workforce has always been at the heart of Xoxoday’s mission. We’re dedicated to making this a reality for organizations worldwide through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. Our collaboration with resal in Saudi Arabia represents a significant step towards achieving this goal as we join forces to revolutionize the employee experiences and drive meaningful change in the corporate world.”

In response to the signing of the agreement, Mr. Hatem Al-Kameli, CEO of resal, commented:

“As a pioneer in digital card solutions, rewards, and loyalty programs, we are delighted to collaborate with Xoxoday, a global leader in financial technology and loyalty solutions. This strategic partnership aligns directly with resal’s future vision, which seeks to expand in the loyalty and rewards program market by engaging with various sectors through the design of valuable and mutually beneficial loyalty solutions and programs.”