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Xoxoday Empuls Enhances the Employee Rewards and Incentives Experience with Amazon Business

Xoxoday, a leading fintech SaaS company, has exciting news for organizations looking to revamp their employee recognition and rewards programs. Xoxoday has seamlessly integrated Empuls, their employee engagement platform, with Amazon Business, creating a dynamic fusion that promises to make employee rewards more meaningful and delightful.

This partnership goes beyond adding more choices; it’s a fundamental shift in how employees receive recognition and rewards. With the Empuls-Amazon integration, employees can pick rewards they truly connect with. The redemption experience is just great, due to Amazon’s fast shipping, easy returns, and excellent service. Plus, it provides detailed financial reports for organizations to fine-tune their recognition strategies and achieve desired results.

 “At Xoxoday, our mission has always been to elevate the employee experience and empower organizations to create meaningful connections with their workforce. Integrating Xoxoday Empuls with Amazon Business is a testament to our commitment. By providing employees with the extensive product selection of Amazon Business, we’re not just enhancing recognition – we’re offering a personalized journey that fosters a culture of appreciation and engagement,” says Manoj Agarwal, Co-founder, and Chief Product Officer, Xoxoday.

To illustrate, imagine a dedicated software developer who used to receive a standard gift card as a reward for their exceptional work. Now, with Xoxoday Empuls and Amazon Business, they can upgrade their home office with an ergonomic chair or indulge in the latest tech gadget. This flexibility enhances their sense of achievement and appreciation.

Organizations digitizing recognition and reward programs with Empuls benefit from the following:

  • A FREE Amazon Business account providing access to millions of products
  • No markups so you get the full value for every dollar of your reward budget
  • Fast and convenient shipping, returns and support from Amazon Business
  • The most comprehensive reward marketplace offering unlimited choices
  • A custom-branded recognition platform for reinforcing the company’s brand
  • Detailed financial reports for analyzing the success of recognition programs

In essence, the partnership between Xoxoday Empuls and Amazon Business is about creating a more rewarding, personalized, and engaging experience for employees. It’s a testament to Xoxoday’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections within organizations and making every recognition moment truly special.